Thursday, July 21, 2011

100 DRAWINGS IN 100 DAYS - pocahontas takes a ride with thelma and louise!

or as my mother calls it, 'de Shan and Laura', after my niece was visiting from the US last year. she rented a convertible and we drove around and stirred things up a little bit during her trip here, much like the two in "Thelma and Louise"... we did not, however drive the car off a cliff. this is a very good thing.

but this movie was a classic tale of female soul-mates, and if you haven't seen it, do make the time to check it out on DVD. Thelma is played by Geena Davis, while Louise is played by Susan Sarandon, and they both do an exceptional job of portraying 2 women throwing all caution to the wind and just living their lives the way they want to. and i think that's what my niece and i are doing at present as well. sans the driving off the cliff. again, this is a very good thing... "Somebody said get a life... so they did".

it is a well-known story, thanks to Walt Disney, about the little indian girl, Pocahontas, whom i have chosen to illustrate Blythe-style. i have just read a little bit about her life, and it was most definitely interesting to say the least. she was born around 1595, and her nickname was 'Pocahontas', meaning 'frolicsome'. in her tribe, they used to have many personal names, for use at different times or in different contexts. among the many things that happened in her life, Pocahontas was captured by the english and held for ransom to release the english prisoners held captive by her father Powhatan, the paramount chief of Tsenacommacah, and she was considered a princess. there is this story about her rescuing the englishman John Smith, which has been under dispute, but she then went on to meet and marry the englishman John Rolfe and bear a son.
there was just so much about Pocahontas in the blurb on wikipedia, but this is just a smidgeon of what you will find there. at any rate, she has always been portrayed as a beautiful woman, and here i have drawn her as a beautiful Blythe.

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