Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jerry Garcia - 100 drawings in 100 days...

Grateful Dead Star in Bidding War

"Jerry Garcia"
'100 drawings in 100 days', de Shan  2014

This just made my day! I had a couple of my friends, one from Oregon, the other from OKC both wanting me to draw Jerry Garcia. Now, I didn't really get into his music growing up and I didn't know what he looked like. AT ALL! Then I googled him per my friends' request, saw him, thought "what an ugly son of a mother" and thought "no way", not unless I knew they would bid on him! The friends persisted so I put it off and finally drew him yesterday. Surprising to say, I actually enjoyed drawing this man's face and learning a bit about him, popped on a little Grateful Dead music and just drew. While I was sleeping last night, my two friends were waging a bidding war on Garcia and neither would end it. So... I received a trans-Pacific phone call this morning, and the boys have decided to pool their bids, bid together and share custody of the artwork!!! They are even having a box made to ship it back and forth!!! How cool is that??? #coolestthingever‬ 

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