Tuesday, June 17, 2008

post-show blues

i am using "the blog" for the first time ever. after much encouragement, i have decided to take the plunge... it's a little unnerving, exposing yourself to so many strangers, yet quite liberating.

i have chosen this topic because i think so many artists go through the post-art show blues, but we may not realize what's happening. i am currently on the incline after my post-show blues, gradually coming out of it, and i have to say, it's a very real and heavy thing. not only does the painting/preparation/hanging/marketing/appearing at and being chatty at your show stuff all take it out of you, but you are emotionally and mentally as well as physically exhausted. it's as if something inside of you dies, the day after the opening reception, and it can last a week or 2 or more!

it's been 6 weeks since my show went up, and i was painting like a mad woman trying to get ready for this show - i painted 14 large paintings in oils in 2 months, while i was working part time at night, and can i just say, i was exhausted!

now, the thing that really helped me get out of it, was first, get plenty of sleep. second, go treat yourself to something delicious to eat (because when we are painting furiously, we sometimes forget to eat!). third, buy a new pair of cute shoes for all your hard work... fourth, and most importantly, get back into it, and plan the next one!

so, how do you feel since reading this blog?