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This Month's Topic:
Where do YOU Get Your Inspiration?

April 2009

A Personal Note From de Shan
Recently, I made a trip up to Eumundi for their first ever Gallery Walk, a tour of 7 galleries, which I understand will be an ongoing event. I will keep you posted on that. It was absolutely amazing, a great afternoon and evening, with some wine, hors d'ouevres and culminating with some fabulous Carribean music at Treefellers Restaurant.

Being around such a vibrant community that afternoon and night, feeling so much energy, great visual art, and talking with the gallery owners and some of the artists, it made me realise that i need to do more in the art world to gain inspiration.

I have just decided that I need to keep my creative mind flowing during these challenging economic times - and one way to do that is to write a newsletter about fine art for artists and collectors.

This is my inaugural newsletter, but I hope you will stay tuned for monthly information (perhaps increasing to every 2 weeks), about creating art, helpful information for artists and collectors, listings for art exhibitions, as well as some hints on how to buy art that suits you, your home and your budget. And please feel free to pass this along to any of your friends that may enjoy it!
de Shan
What Inspires You?
So many artists are asked this about their work. How do you approach this question and what would your answer be?

I painted an entire series about my black Labrador Retriever, Hank, who was stolen in 1995. I was just beginning my graduate studies at the University of Oklahoma, where we had to select a style or theme around which to build an entire two-and-a-half years of work.

This was such a difficult task, because, as you probably know, artists sometimes get blocked and change direction. It took me at least a month of floundering and searching, only to realize that I just had to look within and paint about how I felt over the loss of my darling dog.

After I graduated, I still found myself painting Hank - for quite some time. These paintings have been hugely successful sellers (everybody loves a Lab!), but after a while, I ventured into abstract, only to eventually come back to the paintings of circus-inspired animals and wild-looking people.

atticus finch whiteSome artists gain inspiration from nature, their surroundings, day-to-day life, sadness and sorrows, pain and depression, happiness and love. For me, it is life experiences, music, nature and the circus. I just love the circus! So... it's natural for me to want to express that kind of passion in the best way that I know how - visually, on a canvas. In every painting I create, there is a little piece of me and the way my mind works.

For most artists, their work expresses what they are feeling - or seeing - or hearing. Consequently in each and every piece of art you possess, you also have a part of that artist with you. Therefore, in order for you to have full appreciation of your art acquisitions, I'm sure you will agree it's important to take the time to meet your local artists, ask them questions about the piece you admire, and get to know the story behind it. As a result, when your friends make comments on your choice of art, you will be in a position to discuss it in depth.


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