Wednesday, October 29, 2008

100 drawings in 100 days - preparing for the show

i have been delegating jobs out to friends to help me get ready for my show. tomorrow morning we hang it! i will be really relieved to get it up and on the walls. here is the stack of stuff to take, and my work bench where i did all the mounting... whew! i'll take lots of pics at the show for you all to see.

Monday, October 27, 2008

the polar bear, the jack-in-a-box, and the ringleader

FINISHED!!!! I DID IT!! I ACTUALLY DID IT!!! 100 DRAWINGS COMPLETED!!!! wow, how excited i am that i had the opportunity to do this, and how amazing it is that i find myself drawing a lot easier now.

the 98th and 99th drawings were still circus animals, one of which is a jack-in-a-box. i have always loved jack-in-a-boxes, and a dear friend gave me a vintage one for christmas a few years ago. it still works, and is just gorgeous, even though it's a little tatty, it's still a wonderful toy. i have called these two, "the fortune teller" for the polar bear, and "the cow-in-a-box".

now the last drawing is kind of a self-portrait, using my face but the pose of a different woman, so it's not terribly precise, but i was too anxious to get it done to get a great picture taken. and seeing as how it was the last drawing, and most of the drawings have some sort of circus inspiration, it only makes sense that i be the ringleader... so that is what i have called it, "the ringleader".

Sunday, October 26, 2008

the snake lady - 100 drawings in 100 days

i'm still in a mad rush to get all the drawings scanned, and uploaded onto my website, still having some issues with all of the devices, so... this will have to be brief.

after watching "carnivale" about 78 times, i think i know all the lines that each actor has, but i just love the imagery, and the characters. one of them is a snake charmer, and her arms and back are covered in snake tattoos which i find visually intriguing, but the snakes are pretty wild too!

i once was drawn by a tattoo artist, whilst i had two baby albino pythons wrapped around each arm - it was oddly enough a very thrilling experience!

this drawing is called "the snake charmer".

so, how do you feel since reading this blog?