Tuesday, July 19, 2011


i think it is fair to say that my favorite all-time children's story is the classic "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll. (Lewis Carroll was a pseudonym later adopted by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, which happens to be a play on his real name: Lewis was the anglicized form of Ludovicus, which was the latin for Lutwidge, and Carroll an irish surname similar to the latin name Carolus, from which the name Charles comes*). in 1865 the book was first published, after much begging from a family friend's daughter, Alice Liddell (after whom the book was supposedly based upon), and other friends of his. the story was whimsically created in his head and told one day while he and a friend took alice and her sisters on a rowing trip, after which she made him promise to write it down for her.

so there is a little bit of history about the famous author and his most famous story. but i have to say that of all the movies made over the years, my favorite was the recent Tim Burton version. spectacular.

i even have an entire series of paintings entitled "chasing the white rabbit", which were derived from my similar experience as alice's with the search for the ever-elusive (fill in the blank...). mine was abstract painting. my elusive "thing" that i could never quite get a hold of, was to be able to paint a proper abstract. but i think i eventually did - and they all sold!

at any rate, i always try to include a little alice everywhere i go... even my cat is cheshire.

*courtesy wikipedia

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