Sunday, July 17, 2011

100 DRAWINGS IN 100 DAYS - giddy'up cowgirl and the screen siren

a friend of mine was admiring my Blythe doll drawings, and was commenting on how i should do a jessica rabbit (blythe), from the movie "who framed roger rabbit". she was the notoriously-sexy-lounge-singing-vixen who was married to roger rabbit, had a gorgeous unmovable mane of flame red hair, purple satin gloves, a fire-truck-red sequined gown with a slit up to "there", full pouty lips, and the most amazing curves that you needed to slow down for... and when i grow up, i want to be jessica rabbit...

so this is the Blythe version of the classy "jessica rabbit".

ah, good times. i grew up on a quarter horse ranch when i was a girl, and i just could not wait to get my own horse, so i could get the cowgirl hat with the pretty band, the boots with the engraving and multi-colored leather detailing, the fancy saddle, etc. such a girl. but i guess it's always there in the girliest of girls that you have to look good while you're out there stomping around in all that horse poo.

now for this blythe drawing, i used two different types of pen. her eyes were so light that my 0.1mm pen was still too thick to cross-hatch her eye color, so i used a much smaller ball-point that i could use to "shade" in her eyes. i'm happy with how her eyes turned out, and yes, her hair took forever!

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