Saturday, July 26, 2008

too pretty outside to draw inside - 100 drawings

i managed to steal away for a lunch break in the park, and thought i would work on the drawing for today while i was there. so, here is another image of the story bridge. but instead of just the bridge, i thought i'd draw what's just in front, and behind.

this one is called "the city over the story".

Thursday, July 24, 2008

the pink scooter and the dancer - 100 drawings

here are the other two drawings - my scooter, "pinky tusquadero", and "the can-can dancer". although they are dated for the next two days, i will probably still do those days' drawings anyway...

day 9 of 100 drawings

true to my word, i was able not only to complete yesterday's drawing, but also today's and tomorrow's. i knew it would be a hectic couple of days, and so thought i might just go ahead and over-achieve! ok, i'm lying. i actually found myself drawing and drawing, and i couldn't stop. everything i saw on the computer as i was surfing was inspiring to me - a design, an element of a painting (we all borrow from each other - it's ok, so long as you are not copying their work, which is plagiarising), even a certain colour combination.

then i started to draw the scene outside my window. this drawing is titled, "rain on doggett street". i think it is important to label these drawings, besides having them dated, so that people can place themselves with the image.

i used to think that titling artwork was trite and "beneath" the artist. how foolish i was! it is so important for viewers to have something to identify with (especially if the piece is an abstract). people need to know even just a little bit about the work, because you may not be present to talk to them about it. i have found that 99% of my sales occurred when i had talked to the buyer, or they had previously spoken to me at another event about my works. yes, it does pay to have a verbal repertoire for your art!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

more 100 drawings

this really is quite a challenge!!! i did, i admit, fall behind on a couple of days (it was a very busy weekend), but i managed to play catch-up and make up for those drawings. it feels good not to disappoint myself, because more often than not, i will start something (as many of you have too) that i really feel passionate about, and something comes up that i forget, or i get lazy and pretty soon, the whole idea has gone out the window!

but i am determined to actually complete this task, even if i have to play catch-up on occasion, i think that that is allowed.

this reminds me that i really need to start reading "the artists way" again - a most inspirational read, and i truly found that it helped me to rediscover my creative path. it is very helpful for any type of artist or musician, writers, dancers, etc, especially if you have artist's block! BUT, one thing at a time for me at the moment, as i am still working on the business side of my career and getting that straightened out.

good news on the website - it is almost ready. i can't wait to see it when it's up and running. i will post a blog when it is ready, as a matter of fact, i'll probably rent a sky writer!!

so, how do you feel since reading this blog?