Saturday, October 4, 2008

bat in a poncho - 100 drawings in 100 days

there are thousands of flying fox (bats) near where my mom lives on the sunshine coast in queensland. every time we drive down the motorway, i see them. on the east side of the road there is one spot amongst the palm trees where all these critters sleep.
occasionally, it appears that the trees are bearing a bumper crop of black pears!! i know people have mixed feelings about these cute little guys - some people hate them, yet they are a protected species, so somebody loves them!
this little guy is seen wearing the striped poncho that zorro the canary wore last week, and therefore this drawing is called, "the striped poncho makes its rounds".

Thursday, October 2, 2008

harlequin girl - 100 drawings in 100 days

in a way, this girl reminds me a little bit of a nun... i guess it's the way the hat frames her face, which is very similar to a habit.

ok, so this drawing is called, "harlequin girl". and now i'm going to keep drawing!

the tango dancer and the stork - 100 drawings in 100 days

ok, i'm all caught up!!! yay! i have this amazing sense of lightness now...
it is officially DAY 81 today! only 19 days left!! i cannot believe how fast this has gone, and how, for the most part, it has been relatively pain-free. the rewards of having an increased sense of artist-self and a better feel for drawing than when i started (i was very, very rusty!) are immense!
so, i have drawn here a stork over the circus tent canopy - and in true spirit to the common thread in a lot of my works, i have thrown in the 'strings attached' from my series "girl on a string" in 2000. i would link this series, however i cannot, as i did have to be prudent and edit my website down a lot to keep it under control!! they were a series of paper dolls and puppets, of which i am also rather fond... so, this one is titled "circus stork".
while i was researching images for my drawings, i came across this lovely woman dancing the tango, and everything about her was elegant and poised and ripe for drawing! not to mention the difficult angle of her face and jaw, so it was quite a challenge! i have always found the tango to be the sexiest dance on earth, and i have added it to my list of 100 things i must do before i die - i must learn to tango. this one is called " the tango dancer".

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

half-cocked and a silo - 100 drawings in 100 days

i've never really been good at drawing hands, unless they are from a photograph, where the hand is perfectly still and i can zoom in to see it more closely.

hands are one of those things that i never really pay attention to, mainly because i never used to have pretty hands (i do now - nice nails, etc.) and therefore i used to dismiss them all the time. but i saw this hand, and it was perfectly clear and large enough to see all the details. and of course, it had to belong to a rooster, right? even though it's holding a revolver, i thought it should belong to a fowl. this drawing is called "rooster roulette".

and as for the silo, i've just always loved silos. they are usually so lonely out in the middle of wherever, and yet each one is distinctively attractive in its own way. this one looks like an italian cathedral in a way, with its domed roof, so i've called it "cathedral silo".

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

zorro and the pimp - 100 drawings in 100 days

ok, i think i might officially be over my artist's block. after i wrote my last post, i became very inspired - funny how that works!
while i was toying with the idea of the canary, i was trying hard to think of what i could add to him to make him more interesting: a hat, a stripe, a suit? then it hit me, that he needed to be in black and white stripes, like a convict. but, that evolved into a poncho, with the black mask and the zorro-esque hat... and bingo!
then i had to draw an otter - my favorite animal, besides my cat atticus finch. i've always loved the playfulness of otters, although this one looks more like a bouncer at the circus than a fun-loving water-splasher! these two are called "zorro the canary" and "buster".

the white rabbit and the buddha - 100 drawings in 100 days

could it be possible for a crazy girl like me to run out of ideas?? or am i just in an artist's block? i've been there before, and the good news is that it doesn't last forever. and it's usually better on the other side than it was on this side. or, could it be that i'm starting to stress a little about getting the show prepared, ready to pick up the mats, get the titles and numbers organized, chase up the venue manager, the mailing lists, etc... whew! no wonder...
but that's all part of a show! and i should be used to it by now, but i don't know that you ever really do, because each show is so different from all the others. oh well, here goes!
so, here we have a character from my all-time-favorite "alice in wonderland" - the white rabbit (always looking very stressed out and worried!), along with the ever-relaxed and unperturbed buddha, who happens to be at the circus here. both of them are. and why not? it's my favorite place at the moment...
the top image is called, "hiding from the queen", and the other is "buddha goes to the circus".

so, how do you feel since reading this blog?