Monday, July 11, 2016

"Looking Down Under: Contemporary Artists from Australia", Imago Mundi, The Luciano Benetton Collection

Looking Down Under Contemporary Artists From Australia

Harley Quinn (2015) 
Acrylic on canvas
View my painting of Harley Quinn here

Last year I was invited to participate in this unique collection of 200 artists from Australia, on behalf of the Luciano Benetton World Art Collection in Italy. We were provided with a 10cm x 12m canvas, which I painted, and all the works were to be published and exhibited around the world. We were all profiled and included in this beautiful publication: "Imago Mundi - The Luciano Benetton World Art Collection". Full copyright is retained by the artist and the work is not for sale. We are all participating in a permanent group collection that travels the world!

The painting i completed was of Harley Quinn, the most recent DC Comics movie (Suicide Squad) starring Margot Robbie. Seeing as how many of my artworks deal with the pop culture and lowbrow characters, I felt it only fitting that I should portray this gorgeous girl from my recent series.

Looking Down Under - Contemporary Artists from Australia (Cover)

Curator:  Rosa Maria Falvo  – Luciano Benetton World Art Collection

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