Sunday, July 24, 2011


it was just a couple of weeks ago that i was watching the morning news show, and they had the stars from "I Dream of Jeannie" in the studio, and i could not believe how Barbara Eden had aged so beautifully! who knows, maybe she has had some work done, but she looks amazing. and what a racy little number she used to wear on that show from back in the 60's!! they were talking about how she could expose her belly, but not her belly button - that was taking things too far (if only they had known then what we are like now!)

i've decided, at least for a while, to feature famous women or female roles in showbiz history in my 'Blythe' drawings, simply because i think we all get a bit of a kick out of seeing how someone else might portray that figure. and i will be drawing the Blythe dolls for a while, possibly moving along to other things for the rest of the 100... or maybe not. i have yet to decide... so stay tuned.

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