Sunday, July 17, 2011

100 DRAWINGS IN 100 DAYS - the bunny gave it all away...

it's really hard to not get too attached to these drawings during and after i have worked on them. that is particularly true for this one... when you create a piece of work, you are building a relationship with it while you're working on it. every song that plays in the background, every phone call you take, every interruption or smell, taste and sound is recorded inside the artwork. and what amazes me, is that when i hear a song or a tv commercial jingle that i listened to while drawing, it reminds me of the drawing. and likewise, when i revisit a drawing much later on, i can remember what song or tv show was playing... (just for the record, i was listening to the movie "punch drunk love" in the background while i drew this one!)

so i am quite fond of my little Moulin Rouge girl here, with her amazing costume and the cutest little bunny toy.

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