Wednesday, July 27, 2011


as i was trying to wrack my brain for inspiration for a new Blythe drawing, i was poring over images of historically powerful women, or women of note in historical times, and i came across an image of the late Elizabeth Taylor in her role as Cleopatra. what a beautiful woman she was, and timelessly lovely. my mother used to say that there are two types of beauty in women - "chocolate box pretty" and "classical beauty". the former being that of the glitzy, sparkly, shiny and attractive (on the outside, but lacking inner substance) women, and the latter is the type of woman who was just stunning all the way around, just like Elizabeth Taylor.
now, i did some research on darling Cleopatra, and while she was a very influential woman historically, she came from a period in time when families were in-bred to preserve the integrity of the throne... ahem... wow! that's all i got to say. wow! (and YUCK!) yes, her first two husbands were her brothers (again, YUCK!).
her third partner, to whom she bore a son, was Julius Caesar, who was not related (hail Caesar!!), and finally Mark Antony, to whom she bore 3 children. when Mark Antony committed suicide, Cleopatra followed suit by way of a bite from an asp...
Cleopatra was renowned not only for her leadership in the Egyptian Empire, but more notably her liasons with extremely powerful men, which were testimony to her aesthetic and sexual appeal. go Cleo!

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