Thursday, October 2, 2008

the tango dancer and the stork - 100 drawings in 100 days

ok, i'm all caught up!!! yay! i have this amazing sense of lightness now...
it is officially DAY 81 today! only 19 days left!! i cannot believe how fast this has gone, and how, for the most part, it has been relatively pain-free. the rewards of having an increased sense of artist-self and a better feel for drawing than when i started (i was very, very rusty!) are immense!
so, i have drawn here a stork over the circus tent canopy - and in true spirit to the common thread in a lot of my works, i have thrown in the 'strings attached' from my series "girl on a string" in 2000. i would link this series, however i cannot, as i did have to be prudent and edit my website down a lot to keep it under control!! they were a series of paper dolls and puppets, of which i am also rather fond... so, this one is titled "circus stork".
while i was researching images for my drawings, i came across this lovely woman dancing the tango, and everything about her was elegant and poised and ripe for drawing! not to mention the difficult angle of her face and jaw, so it was quite a challenge! i have always found the tango to be the sexiest dance on earth, and i have added it to my list of 100 things i must do before i die - i must learn to tango. this one is called " the tango dancer".

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