Wednesday, October 1, 2008

half-cocked and a silo - 100 drawings in 100 days

i've never really been good at drawing hands, unless they are from a photograph, where the hand is perfectly still and i can zoom in to see it more closely.

hands are one of those things that i never really pay attention to, mainly because i never used to have pretty hands (i do now - nice nails, etc.) and therefore i used to dismiss them all the time. but i saw this hand, and it was perfectly clear and large enough to see all the details. and of course, it had to belong to a rooster, right? even though it's holding a revolver, i thought it should belong to a fowl. this drawing is called "rooster roulette".

and as for the silo, i've just always loved silos. they are usually so lonely out in the middle of wherever, and yet each one is distinctively attractive in its own way. this one looks like an italian cathedral in a way, with its domed roof, so i've called it "cathedral silo".

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