Sunday, August 21, 2011


this is the second "Alice" drawing i've done this time, and who knows? maybe i'll do another, but they are all very different. i thought this time Alice should be a little more, well, modern. not quite so innocent. a little less boring??

and what's not to love about seeing a woman in pretty lacy lingerie, and a couple of tasteful tattoos? these days they are both quite commonplace. i was at the roller derby bouts last weekend, and it was more uncommon to see someone without a tattoo than with one. when i got my tattoos, it was still a fairly uncommon practice for women to get them where they could be seen outside of the boudoir.

well, i must get going. i'm late, i'm late!! for a very important date (drawing the Queen of Hearts... should she be a little tattooed too??) hmmmm....

for a little refresher on our darling little Alice, and her story, here is the link to my "other" Alice ---> EAT ME

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