Tuesday, September 16, 2008

wool weigh and customs house - 100 drawings in 100 days

yesterday i totally played catch-up! and i will be all caught up this afternoon, and i do have my computer back up and running, as well as my website looking all sparkly and new!! check it out http://studiodeshan.com

so, i went to my friend's house on saturday night for her housewarming party, which was a fun night. she has moved into one of the wool warehouse apartment buildings, and it is just gorgeous!!! i loved it, and it was so airy and light, but cosy. and of course i loved her bedroom, and now i have bedroom envy. but, this fabulous old scale was featured in the lobby area downstairs, and i knew it would make the cut for the 100's. so here it is, "wool weigh".
and yesterday i was tootling around on my scooter especially to find this dome and draw it! i can see it from my street and i just love it, with it's gorgeous patina green copper dome and beautiful architecture. so, i found it, took pics and drew it - "customs house".

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