Tuesday, August 19, 2008

studio freak-show - 100 drawings in 100 days

i'm over a third of the way, and i'm finding myself a little stuck on what to draw... i hate that feeling!!!

so, the key here is, JUST DRAW! so, here we have the line-up of likely and unusual suspects from my toy shelf. minus the rubber ducky. he's in the bathroom... he's innocent.

my poor old "cat in the hat" talking doll (far left) is (now this is going to date me...) 35 years old. yes, folks, he's an antique. AND... he still talks. i didn't yank on his voice-box rip-cord until he died, oddly enough, because i was kinda tough on my toys. but he was my favourite, besides "bunny", which i still have, but he's looking a little sad - too sad for the line-up. and the others are, well, just inspirational muses for me, like right now.

so, this piece is called "studio freak-show", and i hope i will always love freaky little toys.

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