Saturday, August 23, 2008

fire hydrant - 100 drawings in 100 days

ok, i am behind a couple of days, but that's only because i've been busy taking some paintings to and attending a charity auction.

so, i'm pleased to say that the two small oil paintings i donated to the Daffodil Day, Hazell's Lunch for Cancer Research, sold!! yay! i love it when i can give something to charity and the woman who bought them was so thrilled!! i did get to meet her, and after a nice chat, i discovered that this was her first "grown-up art" purchase! how cool is that?

the event was held in the ever-popular power house in new farm park, brisbane. this is the most amazing building, as it's old, and used to be (apparently) the place to go shoot up heroin, back in the days when it was an old heap of rubble. now it's home to many a fine art event, 2 restaurants, and it's just gorgeous with it's interior still showing signs of the grafitti here and there.

this is the fire hydrant in one of the entrances, and really caught my eye - ever since i made giant wood-block prints of such urban work fixtures. there were tons of things to draw there, so i must go back for a photo and sketch session.

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