Monday, August 4, 2008

playing catch-up - 100 drawings in 100 days

 ok, these two were started before the radar dog, but i finished them today. today's and yesterday's drawings are still in the works... this is hard to do... it's hard remembering to do the drawing, especially because i have 2 different jobs, and therefore, no real routine. so, i am trying to play catch-up!! so here is "chasing summer", and "carnie face".

i went to the picasso and his collection exhibit today - i had an art date with myself. it was wonderful to be in the presence of such magnificence. but, not only in the presence, but 6" away from it!!! i just wish that i could really take in the art with other people around me, but i can't soak it up unless i'm alone with it. sigh. oh well, it was still amazing!


cookie-sweetie said...

nice work of art! thought i'd say it out loud!

Terry said...

I know what you mean. You remember me telling you about the Impressionists at Philbrook? Same thing, to see the brush strokes (or dots) and the textures, you know what I mean. I never looked at art the same again.

so, how do you feel since reading this blog?