Thursday, August 14, 2008

chesterfield - 100 drawings in 100 days

i really wanted to draw more circus-inspired things, but that will have to wait until tomorrow... i am going tonight!!! i'm so excited. but my best friend from high school wants me to draw some of the whales i saw the other day, but alas, the photos i did manage to get of them, although they are great photos, and i will have some great memories of that day from them, i don't think anyone else would recognize what they are... so, i will have to create something special that involves whales soon.
so, i was just flipping through a magazine, and saw this gorgeous sofa, which looks a lot like the leather sofa in one of my paintings of a miniature schnauzer that i was commissioned to do years ago. the dog was perched upon this chair, looking very much like Thurston Howell the Third (gilligan's island) and wearing an ascot. from then on, i have always enjoyed drawing/painting beautiful furniture and architecture, as well as wild wallpapers.

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