Wednesday, May 8, 2013


de Shan is clearing out her studio, and now is your chance to snatch up that long-coveted piece of artwork at a price you set. "make an offer" is a deal where de Shan is putting all her older artwork up for grabs in this amazing chance of a lifetime opportunity. she is embarking on a whole new series of artwork but must clear out the studio, the walls, the closets and the shed! (yes, she has artwork in her closets…)

and today is the first day to 'MAKE AN OFFER' on de Shan's artwork… here's how it works:

1. go to and click the tab "make an offer" to view the paintings

2. find a piece or several that you would love to have

3. click the button "make an offer" and send de Shan an email with the title of the piece and how much you want to pay for it!! easy!

c'mon, don't be shy. it's all gotta go!

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