Thursday, August 11, 2011


ok, it's time i think to begin branching out into other areas, and i thought this image of
Blythe with G.I. Joe would be a nice little segue.
in 1964, the toy company Hasbro came out with the 12" action figure toys called "GI Joe",
and they incorporated all 4 corners of the military - army, navy, air force and marine corps. they depicted the soldier, sailor, pilot and marine, and eventually they came out with the nurse. the initials G.I. stands for "Government Issue", which was a generic term for U.S. soldiers before Hasbro came out with the action figures. (at this point, i am reminded of the episodes from M*A*S*H*, where the korean girls would address the soldiers with, "hey, G.I.!")
the toys have undergone a few changes, especially with all the changes in the military and their daily routines, not to mention terrorism, and so each figure has taken on special capabilities such as martial arts, weapons and explosive expertise.
i'm still searching for that realism in the toy that i find in Blythe, so i'm not sure how long this little fling will last, but in the meantime, they are off riding around on Joe's Ducati, and Blythe, as always, looks very nonchalant...

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