Saturday, August 6, 2011


so, lately my mom has been greeting me quite early in the morning with a phone call, a little bit of a worried tone in her voice "are you ok? what's wrong", she says. "nothing, why?" i reply.
"well, there's no drawing on the blog. are you sure you're ok?"
i think this is all very cute, and it's lovely to know that my mom is loving what i'm doing it, and almost as ritualistically as making a cup of tea and reading the paper every morning,
she's reading my blog. if there is one.
(remember i said i wasn't going to go on about it, but i had knee surgery.
some days i can't move, some days i can...)
so, mom's suggestion was a carmen miranda blythe. i wasn't keen on the idea, but now that i've done it, i love it!
what a gal, that carmen miranda. born Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha in Portugal,
she was raised in Brazil, and went on to eventually get a job in a boutique where she learned how to make hats which would serve her well in her movie career. after working in radio and as a samba singer, she filmed several brazilian movies before signing a contract in hollywood and moving to the US in 1939.
soon afterwards, she was formally presented to Franklin D. Roosevelt, starred in 13 movies, and became part of the President's "good neighbor Policy" which would help to strengthen ties between the US and Latin America and Europe.
by 1946, not only was she Hollywood's highest paid movie star, but she was the top female tax payer in the US, earning more than $200, 000 that year (roughly 2.2M today).
her most famous role in a movie was to be "The Gang's All Here" in 1943, in which she wore her famous fruit hat and outfit (designed by her).

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