Tuesday, August 30, 2011


after much deliberation, i just couldn't keep away from drawing Blythe. it was so bizarre, how i kept thinking of drawing the eyes of blythe dolls, and i finally posted a query on facebook (what a dork, right?) asking people to respond to the post if they wanted to see blythe back in my drawings. i got 15 "yes" responses in a very short period of time, so i took that as a sign.

so, here we have Blythe back, after just having ditched GI Joe (he was really not much fun at all for me to draw, so imagine poor Blythe's feelings on the matter!) and with her new nerdy blythe doll boyfriend, Romeo. and the response to that post on facebook was "i love nerds!!" and i think he's pretty cute so, good going Blythe!! you've picked a winner, and so have i!

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