Thursday, July 7, 2011


i started a little early this year... i just couldn't wait! and i have been off work for some time due to a work-related accident, so i have a bit of time on my hands... i broke my arm (AAARGH!! the drawing arm too!) and injured my knee, but the arm is much better now, so i am spending my time drawing and researching for drawing inspiration all day.
i stumbled across a plethora of websites that creative people can post images, photographs, recipes, and OH!! i love EVERNOTE! so in love with evernote, and it has reduced my time rummaging through my files by half!! ok, staying on track here... so one of my all-time favorite things in the world is the 'blythe' doll by kenner, and i found 'blythe-ville' on the internet. she's such a pretty doll, and so high up there on the "doll-o-meter"! (i think she's much more clever than barbie...)

then i went out and celebrated with some new ink pens...

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