Friday, June 24, 2011

Find a Funky Venue Competition

it's time for the "100 drawings in 100 days" art show again, beginning in july, and i thought i'd get a jump start on things by trying to find a venue for the show. i'm not that familiar with the sunshine coast yet, nor brisbane for that matter... so i've decided to run a competition to find the best venue for this art show. please feel free to head to the site on facebook and enter.

there is a prize! find out more when you click here. oh, and while you're at it, why not "like" studio de Shan too? here are the details as posted on facebook:
Hi! Well, de Shan is about to start working on her annual "100 Drawings in 100 Days" art show again, but she needs a venue... There is a prize for the person who can find the winning venue for de Shan's art show this year (held in late October, or early November. Date TBA), and that prize is one of your choice of her "Little Tins of Sin" (which you can view here


a) preferably on the Sunshine Coast
b) a bar/restaurant/cafe with a license
c) can hold 100 drawings (28cm x 35cm each) on the walls
d) is a fun and hip establishment
e) would be happy to have up to 200 people coming in on one night, some staying for dinner, but most of them drinking lots of tasty beverages...

So, take your time, put your thoughts together and send de Shan a message if you come up with something, and be in the drawing for a fabulous Tin of Sin to carry all your little naughty-or-nice things around in your pocket. (And she'll buy you a drink on the night of the show!) Entries close at midnight on the 31st August, so tell all your friends, and good luck to you all!

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