Thursday, July 24, 2008

day 9 of 100 drawings

true to my word, i was able not only to complete yesterday's drawing, but also today's and tomorrow's. i knew it would be a hectic couple of days, and so thought i might just go ahead and over-achieve! ok, i'm lying. i actually found myself drawing and drawing, and i couldn't stop. everything i saw on the computer as i was surfing was inspiring to me - a design, an element of a painting (we all borrow from each other - it's ok, so long as you are not copying their work, which is plagiarising), even a certain colour combination.

then i started to draw the scene outside my window. this drawing is titled, "rain on doggett street". i think it is important to label these drawings, besides having them dated, so that people can place themselves with the image.

i used to think that titling artwork was trite and "beneath" the artist. how foolish i was! it is so important for viewers to have something to identify with (especially if the piece is an abstract). people need to know even just a little bit about the work, because you may not be present to talk to them about it. i have found that 99% of my sales occurred when i had talked to the buyer, or they had previously spoken to me at another event about my works. yes, it does pay to have a verbal repertoire for your art!

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Terry said...

Remember how much fun I had titling my show? That was such an intersting and fun creative exercise in itself.
The stuff is looking realy good, I like the girl and the umbrella and the can can.

so, how do you feel since reading this blog?