Wednesday, September 10, 2008

drains, plants and a rooster - 100 drawings in 100 days

while i was at the powerhouse the other day (waiting for a meeting with the manager of Watt, where the show will be held), i found the most interesting drain pipe. now, i became much more aware of these urban utility fixtures when i was in graduate school at the University of Oklahoma School of Art. my thesis exhibition involved over-sized woodblock prints of various fire hydrants, man-hole covers, culverts, phone booths, parking meters, just to name a few... so i therefore, spent a lot of time photographing and looking for these usually un-noticed objects. and now i can't stop noticing them... so, the top image is titled "powerhouse drain".

the second, "front yard plants" is just quite simply that. i don't even know what all these plants are called (i know my mother will read this, and she will either email me the names or call me and tell me... thanks mom!) i know one of them is a periwinkle, and, um... no that's all i got!

the last one is just an amazing specimen of a rooster! i shot this pic from a poster at the powerhouse, but i added a little bit of background. the poster advertises their bi-weekly farmers' markets, which i usually attend to get my fresh yoghurt, veggie and flower fix. he's called "powerhouse cock".

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