Thursday, September 4, 2008

circus girl - 100 drawings in 100 days

well, you know you don't have many friends when you rely on the people in DVDs to be your models! no, i do have friends but not many of them can afford the time or would want to sit still and be bored for 30 minutes?
this is a girl who plays 'sophie' in "carnivale", the HBO series. i just love that show, and i find myself playing it over and over again. mind you, i don't own a TV, so i actually find that i get a lot done around my place, whether it's artwork or housework.
i have drawn my favorite moon/sun in the top, as i have done for years in a lot of my paintings. it stems from my days as an astrophysics major with a wicked telescope binocular set! i could never decide which was more fun to observe through them: the sun or the moon. both were fascinating!
anyway, this is along the lines of the new series of paintings i am working on, and i have called this one, "circus girl".

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