Tuesday, August 26, 2008

circus truck parts - 100 drawings in 100 days

i have fallen a little behind... i admit it. BUT... today is catch-up day. so either tonight or tomorrow, there will be a few drawings in one post. don't judge me...
so, once again, rummaging through my inspiration files, i find myself coming back to the "circus truck" - and because this is a close-up of the inner-workings, i have called it "circus truck parts". for some reason, i am really attracted to drawing mechanical objects, metal machines and vehicles, more so than figures, which surprises me. i used to spend hours a week drawing the human form, but then, i was in college and they paid for the model! i have since hired a couple of models, or subjected my friends to the gruelling task in exchange for a drawing, and i loved it! the human form is just beautiful, but lately, i prefer to draw machinery and mechanical devices, such as yesterday's "the thing" - who knows what that was?
i'm going to try my hand at architecture in the next few i think. i used to be a landscape and architectural design illustrator, but i believe that i will still come back to mechanics...

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